1970 911 T Coupe

This 911 is driven on a regular basis and was brought to us for a complete mechanical reconditioning.  We are going to rebuild the engine and bring the 2.2 liter from 911 T specs to 911 S specs, overhaul the 5-speed gearbox and completely rebuild the suspension.
We started by removing the engine and gearbox so we could get the engine apart.  The engine rebuilding process takes time, certain parts have to go the machine shop, others have to be stripped and refinished, and of course there will be many parts that will have to be replaced.  Rebuilding an engine this old is not just a mechanical job of turning nuts and bolts and replacing parts,  it is a restoration process.  Many of the parts are cosmetically in such poor condition due to age and or corrosion that nearly every part of the engine will require attention.

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