1971 911 Coupe

This car is the perfect starting point for an early 911 hot-rod project.  Originally Sepia brown this car has just been painted in a beautiful blue.  No signs of rust or collision damage.
Painting an older car always takes longer and costs more than you initially think. So the good news is that the hard part is done.  So if you like this color you can imagine what you might do with graphics, stripes, different colored bumpers, etc.  The quality of vinyl wraps are so high that the possibilities are endless with what could be done with this car.  We thought about putting some type of graphic on this car but since it is such a personal decision we that that it would be best left to the new owner.
The car was completely taken apart for a very through and professional color change, even the trunk was stripped and painted. All the rubber seals were replaced through-out the car and many other parts replaced or rebuilt. During the next couple of weeks we when continue to work on this car and take it to the next level. When we are finished with our work on this car we will offer a car for sale that is mechanically sound and ready to drive and enjoy. 
Even the interior of this car was reconditioned.  You are looking at a brand new dash that is original in appearance, almost every older Porsche 911 is going to have a cracked dash so this is money saved for the next owner. The carpets have been replace with new German square weave and the interior panels recovered in leather.  We have plans to change the interior to black carpeting and change the door panels to the lightweight RS style in black, but we are waiting to make that decision.  Maybe the next owner would like to keep it like it is?
One of the nice upgrades in this car are the retractable seats belts, the original seat belts were not the retracting style. As you can see there was alot of time, and money, spent through out this car.
Mechanically we are going above and beyond to ensure the next owner will have a reliable car.  The gearbox is undergoing a complete rebuild and we will show and explain what steps we are taking to make sure this 5-speed gearbox will be ready for many years of service.
A proper rebuild of a 46 year old gearbox requires more than just changing a few parts.  After the gearbox is completely disassembled every part will be inspected and either replaced or cleaned and re-used.  All the critical dimensions will be measured with Porsche factory tools and the ring and pinion will be set-up to factory specifications.  This picture shows the special Porsche tools that are required and some of the major parts that we will replace.
The picture shows the intermediate plate with new four point bearings for the mainshaft and the pinion shaft.  We installed an new clamping plate to secure the bearings that is a much better design than the original parts.
This tool is used to set the proper depth of the pinion shaft to ensure quiet operation and maximum longevity.  During inspection it was quite amazing that the ring and pinion were is such good condition, the quality of a Porsche part is clearly evident when looking inside this gearbox, they are built to last when properly maintained.

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