1988 911 Carrera Clean-Up

This Porsche was brought to us to recondition the suspension system, remove the engine and gearbox to inspect the clutch, and a number of other projects.  I use the word "projects" because even a simple job like removing the engine and gearbox can turn into a project when you start to inspect, clean, restore, replace the many parts that you can get to when the engine is out. Before we started the car owner and I had a good conversation about the direction he would like to go with the car, but both he and I suffer from a common problem, we just can't leave well enough alone.  So follow us and we go thru this car and see where it leads. These cars are so special because they are not only fun to drive but equally fun to work on.
Here is a look at the right rear suspension as the car was delivered, actually pretty clean for a 51,000 mile car.
Here is the same area after we cleaned it.  After the undercarriage is cleaned you can better inspect everything and in particular look for areas of corrosion.  Rust is the true enemy of an older car and we will do everything we can do to clean rusted areas and prevent rust from occurring.
At this point of the project we are removing the rear suspension and inspecting the oil lines.  We are starting to find alot of hardware that has corrosion and most of the rubber items in the car are hard and cracking. 

Here Pat and Josh are removing the front oil cooler and lines.  Normally we would take separate the lines and remove the oil system in pieces but we are have trouble getting the lines apart so we will remove in one piece to give us a better chance of getting it apart without damaging any of the fittings. 


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