1989 911 Carrera

20379 Original Miles


The owner of this car plans to take this 1989 911 Carrera to the Ameilia Island Car show in March. Years ago this car was taken to a few Porsche Club of America car shows and competed in a class where they judge for both originality and condition, the car scored very well.  This car has been sitting in storage for more that 1 year so we will drain the gas and put in fresh fuel before we try to start the engine. The car is very original and appears to be in excellent condition.  It will be fun to see what we will learn about this one!

The front bumper looks to be completely original, never having been removed or altered from new.  It is very time consuming to get everything back together if the front bumper has ever been removed, usually you can tell if the bumper has been removed.  This fit and condition on this one is as nice as I can remember. All it needs is some cleaning!
Even the undercarriage of this car seems to be very clean for its age.  The brownish/yellow color on top of the white painted underbody sealer is a waxy rust prevention spray.  Many people call this waxy substance that was applied by Porsche when the car was new Cosmoline, I don't think it is actually Cosmoline but I will do some research.  Whatever this waxy substance is it is still doing a good job protecting  metal parts against corrosion.
After we removed all the carpeting from the front trunk we found everything to be in very original condition.  We will replace the battery with a new one from the Porsche Dealer and clean everything completely but not remove or alter any original finishes, markings, or texture.  Our goal is to give the car a through cleaning but not make it look "too clean".  Originality is the prime objective with a car as nice as this one.
One thing to check when you are looking at a car is the condition of the door pins, these are correct and original, yellow plated zinc.  These door pins are so difficult to remove and install you will often find cars that have them painted over.  Clearly the paint on the hardware has never been disturbed or scratched up by a tool being used on it, all good signs that let you know this is a very honest car.

This picture shows the bottom of the engine, the heat exchangers still have their original grey paint on them.  We need to be careful when we start to clean to bottom of the engine, if we get the bottom of the engine too clean, it will not have the same look as the rest of the car.


Even though the car has very few miles on the odometer it is 27 years old.  There are rubber seals inside the brake calipers that need to replaced for proper preventative maintenance.  Instead of just resealing the brake calipers we decided to replace them with factory new units.  The added benefit is that we end with calipers that look great. We replaced the brake rotors also,  the old ones were still in good shape but new rotors sure do make every look nice! The brake system is the most important system in the car as it relates to driver safety so it is a good place to spend money.
We have removed the shifter to replace the plastic shift bushings. These bushings were original to the car and they were worn out. The new shift bushings will give  firmer more precise shifting like its original self.

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